I’m putting up some of my past music on BandCamp in preparation for the release of a new project to be finished up later this summer. So I need all of my friends to follow me on BandCamp. This is an instrumental from the 2nd Better Day album, Changing Water. I’m on mandolin and accordion, Billy Mac on bass and Bob Bayles on fiddle and harp.

I got a little painting in during our stay in Tepoztlan, Mexico. Beautiful classic Mexican town surrounded by rugged mountains and even an ancient pyramid.

This is a watercolor of the morning light looking from our balcony.

Bumpy cobble stone streets and amazing wall textures mixing adobe bricks, stones and stucco. I especially appreciate the little broken tiles inserted between the adobe bricks.

Album Re-Master

After transferring many of the analog tapes from the Velvetone studio I realized that I could now put out my album Space Flower to an entire world of people that have never heard it. The mixes sounded great and I didn’t need to change them, just a bit of limiting and cut a touch of low end and they were ready to go. Tunecore distributed the 11 song on the album to all the music platforms and after almost 20 years Space Flower is available.

For Spotify go here: https://open.spotify.com/album/4WEOQDWotG6OzEv12MREEM

Apple Music or iTunes use this link: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1714587788

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In the winter of 22-23, as we were getting out of the covid era, maybe, I painted over 200 small watercolor landscapes. Some “en plain air” some from shots I took on my phone. From those I picked 30 of the best to paint in a larger format on full sized sheets of good watercolor paper. We had scheduled a show at the Clymer Museum a year earlier and I thought we could fit about 30 paintings, matted and framed in their large room without being too crowded. I about 3 months I completed over 30 new paintings. After leaving out a few clunkers I had 28 new works for the show.

My wife Ren and Matthew Lennon, the curator of the Clymer helped arrange the show. It was so satisfying to see that many works up in such a beautiful space with good lighting. Thanks to the Clymer Museum for expanding what their show and supporting local artists. 28 Landscapes 2023 will hang through June 2nd 2023.

I have an interesting relationship with painting portraits. A loose, confident application of paint is required in watercolor to keep the paint fresh and clean while an accuracy in the positioning and drawing of the main features and structure of the forms is required to make it convincing. I’m after a balance between the cartoon and photo realism. This is the demo I did during a class I taught at our local gallery.

Watercolor portrait of guy

Final touches

These paintings bring up deep memories of past landscapes. Perhaps my ancestors walked through here. When I get that feeling from the painting I know I’m done…. time to stop or I’ll loose it. You can see here the smaller color sketch I’m working from to make the larger painting. There is no point spending the time on a full size painting if it doesn’t work small. This one is part of my show at the Clymer Gallery in Ellensburg through May 2023.

Final clean of the glass

7 local artists will be exhibiting at GalleryOne in Ellensburg February 3 through the end of February, 2023. We all have been making our art around here for over 50 years. It’s an honor to be part of this group and it’s a very interesting, skillful and varied show, spanning the gamut from Jane Orleman’s huge, intense mural to Julie Prather’s glowing glass lamps. I’ve include 5 new watercolors all done this winter. The reception is 1st Friday, February 3rd 5 to 8.

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I’ve been teaching a Saturday afternoon oil painting class at GalleryOne in Ellensburg, WA. We started with a small still life of a lemon…. not so easy, but everybody did great. The second Saturday we got a good start on a landscape, learning to simplify and look for values. Next week we’ll dive into a portrait. It’s an interesting process to figure out where people are at and what they need. I hope I’m doing a good job.


Sunny Kiss 10×8 watercolor

We’ve been socked in with winter fog for days. This morning the glorious sun hit the hills outside our kitchen window. I’m trying to narrow down my view in a few small watercolors trying to catch one fleeting effect. An enjoyable hour with morning coffee at the kitchen table.

Snow on the Hills 8×10 watercolor