Sam sitting by a painting taking notes in a notebook
Note to myself

I have pages and pages of ideas and notes. While working, a technique will become clear as to why it works. If I don’t leave myself a note right then, it may just disappear. These notes are basically for myself, it’s one of the ways I continue to learn. All the great art books I read have wonderful information, techniques from the long history of painting, but If I don’t actually do the technique and discover why it works myself, I won’t be able to pull it up when I need it most.

Warm up before you expect yourself to do something at a high skill level. Draw a bit before painting. Play your instrument or sing before stepping on stage. The same with creativity. Work diligently with your craft and maybe inspiration will show up.

“Oops, Wrong Button.” All our phones went off with alarms and an official looking alert saying a ballistic missile was headed for Hawaii. It said, very clearly, this is not a drill! We got the same message cutting in on the local TV. I’m at Mille and Bill’s on Maui and seemed like the best place to stay for the end…. so we made coffee and waited for over a half hour for a notice that it was all a mistake. The original painting is by Janet Davis and Bill came up with the mushroom cloud in the distance and I drew it onto Janet’s painting on my phone.