Fresh Paint – show 2020

Sam Albright demos at the Fresh Paint Show in 2020

About two years of work in oils and water media culminated in the Fresh Paint exhibition. The show ran from January 15th through March 1st 2020 just before covid 19 locked down the world. The opening reception drew over 650 people packing the gallery. A month later we were all staying in our own little bubbles and not going out to gatherings like this.

Albright’s Flashe paintings filled the north wall of the main room at Gallery One in Ellensburg, Washington

The south wall was filled with oil paintings.

Sam Albright in front of paintings on gallery wall

Sam Albright demonstrating his ink technique at the opening.

A Flash painting of Carmen Amaya the famous flamenco dancer of the 1940s

Oil portraits and several multi-figure compositions were in the show. This one is of Albright’s musician friends preparing to play a gig in Seattle.

In early 2018 Albright visited his friends home on Maui. During the stay he set up a studio space in the corner of the room attached to the double decker bus he was staying in. His hosts, Mille and Bill’s daughter Lulu and their grand daughter Penny were there every morning for coffee on the porch. A “selfie” Lulu had taken was the inspiration for this painting.

An oil of zinnias and onions from Ren Albright’s garden. Mostly painted outside, on a sunny September morning, then finished it up in the studio.

From a cellphone shot at the Fremont Fair in Seattle. Albright made several paintings of these clowns. This is a more “graphic” style with bold loose marks and outlines, in very flat, opaque “Flashe” paint.

Oil painting of Zoe Albright

This is a small oil sketch, well more than a sketch of our daughter Zoe. From a photo taken by Julie Prather over 30 years ago. This painting is only about 6″ x 9″.