2019 – 2020

In 2019 I tried to narrow my focus to oils and small watercolor sketches, but that only lasted so long. I pulled out some good watercolor paper and found my old “Flashe” paint and was inspired by some 1940s photos of dancers. Here is a take off of a B/W shot of Carmen Amaya. I thought the color was appropriate.

The great dancer Carmen Amaya – “Flashe” Paint on paper 22 x 30 2019


Most of the year was spent with oils, trying to get my techniques and images where I wanted them.

“Tuning for the Gig” oil on panel 18 x 24 2019


This is of zinnias and onions from my wife Ren’s garden. I got most of it in live, on a sunny September morning out in the garden, then finished it up in the studio. Our friend Lisa, has it up in her morning room.

“Zinnias and onions”. oil on canvas 24 x 30 20 2018


The winter snow blanketed the hills to the south of our porch. Catching the early, glowing light is a never ending challenge.

“Manastash Ridge” – watercolor 9″ x 11″ 2019

In early 2018 I visited my friends place on Maui. During my stay I set up a studio space in the corner of the room attached to the double decker bus I was staying in. Beautiful light coming in the windows, tropical plants all around and some free time to paint. Mille and Bill’s daughter Lulu and their grand daughter Penny were there every morning for coffee on the porch. Lulu had taken a “selfie” on her phone of her and Penny. I used that as inspiration and this is what happened.

“Lulu and Penny”, Oil on Panel – 18″ x 24″ 2018



Picture of oil painting of Valentina Fuentes
Valentina Fuentes – Oil on Panel

In 2017 I pulled the oil paints back out and did a few copies of “Old Master” paintings. A great way to warm up the painting chops again and remember just how incredible paint is. My friend, Tito Fuentes had taken a photo of his daughter Valentina and I just had to make a portrait from it.

Oil painting of Zoe Albright
Zoe Albright from Julie Prather photo – Oil on Panel 6 x 9

This is a small oil sketch, well more than a sketch of our daughter Zoe. Julie Prather took a great photo of her at that age that we have had displayed for over 30 years. This painting is only about 6″ x 9″ and I think I’ll do it again in a larger size.

Topsy  22 x 30 Mixed on paper 2019

A couple years age I took a cellphone snapshot of this clown at the Fremont Parade in Seattle. This is a more “Graphic” style with bold loose marks and brushwork. I used “Flashe” paint that is very flat, opaque and has a matte finish. These are on full size, quality drawing paper.