Velvetone was started by Sam Albright in 1983. Velvetone studio was built on the second floor of an old concrete building in Ellensburg, Washington, circa 1913. With thick walls and well designed interior it was a great place to focus and work. The original engineer was Peter Karl who now runs Peter Karl Studios in Brooklyn NY and specializes in recording great jazz with vintage mics.  In the mid 80s Steve Fisk moved from Olympia and took over as engineer, recording some of the early iconic records of the alternative Northwest music scene. He continues as producer, musician and audio engineer based in Tacoma, Washington.

Some of the early albums Velvetone recorded or was part of.

Whatever the style, Albright  always emphasized creativity, hard work and skill at Velvetone. From recording  Screaming Trees, Moral Crux, Beat Happening and remixing a project for Sound Garden to later emphasis on acoustic projects and being an amazing practice and recording space for a few local musicians. The Velvetone studio building has moved on to other uses but will be remembered as a little hidden away creative oasis.

Links to the solo album “Space Flower”, by Sam Albright,  and 3 great albums by the Americana band Better Day:

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