Space Flower – Sam Albright re-mastered 2023

Sam Albright
re-mastered 2023
Singer Songwriter

Space Flower  re-mastered 2023     Audio landscape instrumentals and Art Folk anthems continue to reveal themselves after multiple listenings.

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“After building our house in the country near Ellensburg, I had a pile of songs and musical ideas that had been brewing during our time in Northern California. The upstairs loft has wood beams, angles in the roof and a cherry floor that turned out to have great acoustics. All the songs on this album were tracked in that loft room. Sometimes late at night or early in the morning a basic idea was recorded then other parts were added over the next few months to flesh them out. I got a few friends together in the big room at Velvetone, Travis Yost , Mark Pickerel, Rodney Turner, Andrew Cottonwood and Chris Tomulty to make some percussion beds. We sat around in a big circle while I set the feel and speed of the basic guitar ideas. Those tracks were cut into loops that I built the final compositions around.

Some of the songs are self reflective about the personal, spiritual, psychological work I’d been doing during those years. I took the lyrics from an old English folksong and turned it into “Over The Mountain”, which, in a way reflects our family time at Mount Rainier as a kid. Although the story has nothing to do with the reality. I wrote “Everythings Hooked Up” in about 1983 before we had the internet or even personal computers. The line “Moments ago we could be alone, but, now we have a friend for life” really fits with our current era with everything completely hooked up through the web.”