Sunny Kiss 10×8 watercolor

We’ve been socked in with winter fog for days. This morning the glorious sun hit the hills outside our kitchen window. I’m trying to narrow down my view in a few small watercolors trying to catch one fleeting effect. An enjoyable hour with morning coffee at the kitchen table.

Snow on the Hills 8×10 watercolor

I’ve been into my sketchbooks lately. Simple tools and always nearby if not in my hand. For a while I was trying to use my tiny watercolor set and add color, but for now a brush pen, a regular drawing pen and a little water-brush pen is all that is needed. I also cut a few pieces of different papers to slide in there for a bit of variety.

Sketches inspired by the great poster illustrators of the past.
A few small pieces of hot-press and cold-press Arches paper add variety.