I finished up this song in the middle of the covid era thinking about our overall situation.

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My daughter and I drove across the country to Gramma’s 100th birthday. After marshmallow Jello salad, thunderstorms and wild howling frogs we drove back west across South Dakota and Montana.


One of my favorite songs, the first song on my Space Flower album.

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A song I wrote at the Tonasket Barter Faire, eating apple pie cooked in an oven in the back of a Hippie’s truck.

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I sing a verse from my song It’s Alright, the second song on my Space Flower album:

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Fertilichrome – the movie 1 hr 20 min

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FertiliChrome exemplifies the ingenuity of the creative young American film makers of the 1980s. Written and directed by PS O’Neill and produced at Velvetone with sound track by Steve Fisk and cinematography by Sam Albright, it has many people that you might know from their later work.

Shot entirely on location in the windy eastern deserts of Washington State, this gripping story revolves around Christian Cairo and his estranged wife and daughter. Cairo, played by Scott Renderer, travels the backroads of the Power Landscape to monitor the nightly energy transmissions for Operation Power Suction. The evil Dr. Stimson, played by Steve Fisk, controls a gang of hoodlums, terrorizing the countryside and preparing to carry out a deadly experiment on Cairo’s teenage daughter Tanya. Stimson’s bumbling gang are played by Mark Pickerel, Van Conner and Mark Lanegan of the psychedelic rock band Screaming Trees.  Rebecca Grace is Tanya and now runs her own film company call Graceful Films. This moody classic was shot in beautiful 3/4″ U-Matic video and is the very definition of retro production. Produced in 1989 re-edited and re-released in 2020.

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