Working on the movie FertiliChrome

I’ve been back in video editing land for the past few months pulling together the movie we made back in the late 1980s. FertiliChrome was written and directed by PS O’Neill (Shawn) and I’ve been working with him to get the edit up to snuff. We will be releasing a final cut in the coming year. This movie was shot and edited back when we had to do everything in the analogue world. Stacks of video machines locked with time code to the 8 track Otari tape machine for the sound track. It’s amazing that we even pulled this off. I transferred everything we had into the computer, synced things up and hoped for the best. Luckily, about 10 years ago Shawn had transferred the edited version of the 1988 film festival tape to standard def digital video. That tape had some problems and the sound just wasn’t as good as I knew it should be.

PS O’Neill does VO at Velvetone

I had the master sound track that Steve Fisk had originally created at my Velvetone studio. Shawn had been thinking about and re-editing many of the scenes in the movie and I pulled his ideas together with most of the sound track we had to make it all work. Lots of audio and video to move around, layer up and massage till it worked. We are being faithful to the original movie shot on 3/4″ video in 1987 and 88, while getting it into a format that can be enjoyed now.